Free tutoring at your school

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Starting March 16, we will be there for you every Saturday from 09:30 a.m. at your school to help you with Maths, German or English. We offer 90 minutes of tutoring in small groups and help you with all your questions so that you can improve in school.

Terms of participation

In order to participate in the offer free of charge, you must be entitled to "Bildung und Teilhabe" and have received a grade of 4 or worse in the desired subject (Maths, German or English) on your last school certificate.

If you fulfill these conditions, the offer is completely free of charge for you. Simply register and you will receive all further information by e-mail. We look forward to seeing you in class!

What is "Bildung und Teilhabe"?

"Bildung und Teilhabe" is a government package that provides children with exactly the school support they need, completely free of charge for the child and parents. The package offers a valuable opportunity for families with low income to enable tutoring for their children if things are not going smoothly at school. The goal is to provide every child with equal educational opportunities, helping to bridge gaps and fully realize potential.